10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (2023)

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend and a meaningful Memorial Day. I know we are all happy to welcome the unofficial start to summer!

I was honored to have the opportunity to mark the holiday and honor those who laid their lives on the line in service of our country at two special events: the first at Fort Sheridan National Cemetery on Sunday; and then, as I have for now more than a decade, in Grayslake for their annual Memorial Day Ceremony.


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (1)


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (2)

Of course the big news of the weekend was the announced agreement between President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy to prevent a first ever default on the nation’s debt. Congress comes back into session tonight to begin the process of passing the compromise legislation and sending it to the President’s desk before the projected June 5th “X Date” when Treasury would no longer be able to pay our obligations.

Had it been up to me, we would have responsibly addressed this issue months ago and avoided the unnecessary costs and anxieties caused by the political brinkmanship of the most extreme Republicans. There is no question we need to find bipartisan ways to bring down our deficits and lower the debt burden we are passing to the next generations. But I do not believe it wise nor productive to threaten the good faith and credit of the United States. Rather, we should be working through “regular order,” reaching across the aisle to develop fully considered, truly sustainable solutions.

Nevertheless, President Biden fought hard to protect the many achievements realized in the last Congress, including the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Chips and Science Act and the PACT Act. The agreement he negotiated protects several key priorities that the Republican majority initially tried to take away. The bill protects veterans’ health care, including increasing funding for the PACT Act. It protects Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, and avoids the most devastating changes sought to SNAP and TANF. Most importantly, the agreement keeps America moving forward to meet the challenges ahead of us.

Compromise requires give and take and both sides made difficult concessions to achieve this agreement. I wish we had a better option. I wish we didn’t have to go through the absurd process in the first place. But my choice this week is between supporting this legislation or letting our country default on its obligations. I will vote “Yes” for the bill.

Please keep reading to learn more about happenings in Washington and here at home.


Committee Work

Ways and Means Tackles Health Care Price Transparency


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (3)

Earlier this month, the Ways and Means Committee held a hearing discussing how patients need price transparency to lower healthcare costs. I’ve been focused on this issue since joining the Ways and Means Committee in 2019 and I'm ready to work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle on the various challenges in bringing down the cost of healthcare and improving its quality. You can watch my full remarkshere.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Considers Several Important Bills


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (4)

The House Foreign Affairs Committee held a markup on eight different bills, where both Republicans and Democrats were able to find common ground on issues ranging from calling for the immediate release of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, to establishing a Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords. You can watch the full markup, including my remarks, and read about all the bills discussedhere.

USAID and Influence Abroad


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (5)

(Video) Biden pays respects to the fallen; Trump compares himself to fallen troops


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (6)

The Foreign Affairs Committee welcomed USAID Administrator Samantha Power to discuss our country's global influence. Through our dialogue, Administrator Powers made it clear that projecting our nation's soft power through development programs such as USAID helps multiply our nation's hard power. As the administrator said, it's a privilege for our country to assist others abroad by eliminating poverty, providing housing, and tackling food insecurity. You can watch my questionshere.

Health Care Affordability

More Americans than ever have health insurance, and thanks to Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare can now negotiate the price of prescription drugs. Yet too many still find healthcare unaffordable. I joined the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee hearing to make clear that we need to pull back the curtain on the true costs being paid for prescription drugs. You can watch my questions at the hearinghere.

Meeting with Constituents and Other Friends

Youth Build


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (8)

I was proud to welcome Tameka Wilson, director of Youth Build Lake County, and members of here team to discuss their good work in our community. I am proud to be a champion of Youth Build, a national program which provides education, counseling, and job skills to young adults. Thanks to Tameka, Jennifer, Carlos, and Aaliayah for coming to DC and advocating for this great cause.

Tree Nut and Peanut Association


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (9)

Craig Leva, owner of Long Grove Confectionery, and a Tree Nut and Peanut Association member, stopped by to discuss how Congress can support businesses like his through the 2023 Farm Bill. The Tree Nut and Peanut Association supports multiple industries that rely on and benefit from the nut industry.

Independent Community Bankers of America


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (10)

I stepped out of a Ways and Means hearing to meet with representatives of the Independent Community Bankers of America. We discussed the importance of federal legislation on retirement security, and in particular the SECURE Act, and how Congress can enhance retirement savings for all Americans.

Illinois Regional Transportation


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (11)

(Video) Americans across the country honor fallen heroes l WNT

I met with the Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Authority to talk about their recently completed five-year strategic plan, Transit is the Answer. The group included representatives from Metra, Pace, and CTA to help us get where we are going faster and smarter.

US Army War College Visits Capitol Hill


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (12)

The US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is one of our nation's oldest military installations. Since 1757 they have trained and prepared those who served to face challenges worldwide. I welcomed several students—officers from all branches and even the UAE and Georgia— to my office to discuss today's global challenges and opportunities.

Director General for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (13)

I was proud to host members of the Abraham Accords Caucus for a informal conversation with Ronen Levi, the recently appointed Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a wide ranging conversation, we talked about his hopes and concerns for the region and how Congress can help support the Accords and promote security, peace and prosperity for the entire Middle East.

Other Events Around Town

Illinois Insurers


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (14)

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) brought members from around the country to Washington and I was honored to speak about what is happening in Congress. I was a proud NAIFA member when I worked in the insurance industry so it was great reflect on my own memories as well as talk about the future.

Family Business Caucus


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (15)

Before running for Congress, I spent many years consulting for family businesses. Now, I am proud to be a founder of the Family Business Caucus and to represent those family businesses in Congress. Family businesses are critical to our economy and a cornerstone of our communities.

You never know who you might bump into


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (16)

(Video) Californians honor the fallen at Memorial Day tributes and events

Lastly, I met a young Cubs fan named Connor while getting coffee last week. He was visiting Washington with his family. Noticing the shirt, I asked him if he was from Chicago. Not only was Connor from Chicago, he was from our district! After talking about his visit to the White House, I made sure to arrange a Capitol tour (thanks to Avi in our DC office).

If your summer plans include visiting Washington, DC, don’t leave anything up to chance, and call us for assistance. My staff will be happy to help with arranging tours of popular sites in Washington, such as the Captiol, White House, Library of Congress and many more.


Big News for Waukegan

Every community in America deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. The Environmental Protection Agency released proposed regulations to protect communities and local water sources from coal ash. This announcement is a huge victory for Waukegan, which has been left to bear the burden of coal ash contamination from the NRG Energy coal plant that closed last June. Families in Waukegan deserve to be assured that they will not suffer the long-term impact of this coal ash pollution.

The proposed regulation would require inactive power plants with coal ash ponds to monitor, control, and clean up all contamination created by coal ash. Coal ash pond site owners, including NRG Energy in Waukegan, will be held accountable for coal pollution.


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (17)

In June I joined State Rep. Rita Mayfield, State Senator Adriane Johnson, and Mayor Ann Taylor to call on NRG to protect Waukegan by removing these ponds. Now, I am proud to report this progress on the issue, and I will continue to do what I can in Washington to help Waukegan protect its environment.

Ending the Stigma of Addiction


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (18)

I was glad to visit Nirco – the Northern Illinois Recovery Community Organization – at a two day seminar they hosted to help address the stigma of addiction. The program included people affected by addiction in various ways, and explored strategies for talking about the disease and its impacts on individuals, their families and the community. We need to end the negative stigma associated with addiction and recognize that it is truly a disease, and the a “village” working together can make a positive difference.

Visiting Palombi Middle School


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (19)

I had a great time visiting Palombi Middle School and speaking with students in the Lighthouse Student Leadership program. Palombi students meet twice monthly to learn about the 7 Habits of Leadership (based on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits material). Similar to the ideas taught in businesses across the world, the student learn: 1) be proactive, 2) begin with the end in mind, 3) put first things first, 4) think win-win, 5) seek first to understand, then to be understood, 6) synergize, 7) sharpen the saw.

Look Before You Book!


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (20)

Remember to check your passport expiration before booking an international trip. Renewals are taking longer than usual, so plan ahead. Expedited processing can take 7-9 weeks, and regular processing can take up to 10-13 weeks from submission to receipt.

Due to high demand, the Chicago passport agency has a 4–5-day delay in processing passport requests. Same or next-day appointments are rare unless there is an emergency, proven with documentation. Don't hesitate to call my Lincolnshire office at (847) 383-4870 for additional assistance and information.

(Video) Honoring America's fallen on Memorial Day with Steve Hartman

Neighborhood Office Hours Update


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (21)

I want to share updates my office has made to our Neighborhood Office Hours. Whether you need assistance with Social Security, Medicare, IRS, or the VA, know that my staff is available near you to help. As of this week: you can meet with my team at the following times at these locations:

Deerfield Public Library
-9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
-Upcoming Dates: June 1st

Johnsburg Public Library
-11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
-Upcoming Dates: June 9th

Lake Villa District Library
-2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
-Upcoming Dates: June 9th

Avon Township Center
-9:30 AM- 1:00 PM
-Every Wednesday

Waukegan Township Office
-9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
-Every Monday

Indian Trails Public Library District
-9:30 AM- 1:00 PM
-Upcoming Dates: June 8th

Winnetka Public Library
-9:30 AM- 1:00 PM
-Upcoming Dates:June 5th

Zion-Benton Public Library
-9:30 AM- 1:00 PM
-Currently closed due to construction – Re-opening in June


Please visitmy websiteto find resources available for everything from saving money on your internet bill to locating your local food bank, various help lines, and even help Ukrainians refugees fleeing the war.



10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (22)

I want to share with you another constituent casework success story. Navigating the federal agency bureaucracy can be challenging, but my excellent casework team in Lincolnshire is ready to help you. If you need help with a federal agency, fill out aPrivacy Release Formor call my Lincolnshire office at (847) 383-4870 so my casework team can assist you.

In Closing—Celebrating Beverly Sussman’s Service to Buffalo Grove


10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (23)

Beverly Sussman retired this month after serving eight years as Buffalo Grove Village President, and nearly 30 years of service in other roles. During her tenure, Beverly focused on revitalizing Buffalo Grove and creating a welcoming community with civic engagement and youth development.

I was privileged to honor Beverly’s service in remarks on the House floor. You can watch my messagehere.



(Video) Senate passes debt ceiling bill to avoid a default | full coverage

10th News: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes and Paying Our Nations Debts (24)

Bradley S. Schneider
Member of Congress


How do you honor fallen soldiers? ›

Here are five ways to get back to the true meaning of Memorial Day.
  1. Get The Facts About Memorial Day. ...
  2. Take Part In A Memorial Day Tradition. ...
  3. Decorate A Grave With Flowers. ...
  4. Wear Red, White And Blue, But Not The Flag. ...
  5. Honor The Dead By Supporting Living Veterans.

Who is a fallen hero? ›

A Fallen Hero is one who has sacrificed the ultimate, his or her life, in the service of others. If a Member of our Military loses his or her life while in service to country, in whichever branch of the United States Armed Forces he or she served, that service member is considered a Fallen Hero.

What is the quote about fallen heroes? ›

"Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay." "Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering."

Why is it important to honor fallen soldiers? ›

It's important to remember the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have fallen in the line of duty and sacrificed their lives to protect the highest of ideals, and to keep all of us safe from enemies near and abroad.

What does honor the fallen mean? ›

Fallen flag meaning

One way of paying tribute to these heroes is by displaying the fallen soldier flag as a symbol of respect and remembrance. The honor the fallen flag signifies the loss of a service member and provides a tangible way for the public to express their gratitude.

What is the symbol of fallen heroes? ›

The red poppy became synonymous with the fallen troops during the First World War -- and has remained a symbol of their sacrifice ever since. But the poppies adopted this meaning because of the war poem "In Flanders Fields," written by the Canadian physician, Lt. Col. John McCrae.

What does our fallen heroes mean? ›

meanings of fallen and hero

a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved ... See more at hero. (Definition of fallen and hero from the Cambridge English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Who is the head of the fallen hero? ›

Darren Comerford - Managing Director - Fallen Hero | LinkedIn.

What are powerful quotes about heroes? ›

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men. Hard times don't create heroes.

What is a good quote from the lost hero? ›

1. “'You've got a powerful way with the Mist, kid, if you can make all these people think they know you; but you can't fool me. '”

What is the belt of the fallen hero? ›

This large brass belt has three panels depicting scenes of battle. Once per day on command, the wearer can summon the spirit of a hero of one of the depicted battles. This spirit acts as a spiritual ally, though unlike the force created by that spell, the summoned hero is not entirely mindless.

Can a veteran salute a fallen soldier? ›

While a salute is considered to be a gesture of respect, there's etiquette involved when it comes to rendering a hand salute, whether you are a veteran, active service member, or civilian. As a civilian, saluting soldiers is not a recommended way to honor a current or former member of the military.

What is the highest honor of a soldier? ›

The nation's highest military award for valor is the Medal of Honor, presented by the president in Congress' name. By law, only U.S. service members who distinguish themselves “through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty” can receive the medal.

Who is the most honored soldier ever? ›

Audie Murphy

What is the deeper meaning of honor? ›

honor, homage, reverence, deference mean respect and esteem shown to another. honor may apply to the recognition of one's right to great respect or to any expression of such recognition. the nomination is an honor. homage adds the implication of accompanying praise.

What is the biblical meaning of honor? ›

Honor means to demonstrate high respect or great esteem for someone. By honoring another you are saying you see great value in them.

What does honor mean in Bible? ›

So, honor is defined as, “showing esteem for one deserving of respect, attention, or obedience.” The supreme level of honor is reserved for God alone (Deut. 32:51; Psa. 22:3; 33:8; 119:161). To honor God is to revere and fear Him.

What is a flag for a fallen hero? ›

The Fallen Heroes Flag Act authorizes the U.S. Congress to provide a U.S. flag flown over the Capitol in honor of fallen heroes to memorialize their service and sacrifice. The flag will be flown and shipped at no cost to an immediate family member.

How do you make a fallen hero? ›

How to Develop a Tragic Hero
  1. Your protagonist should have some combination of virtuous, admirable, or advantageous traits. ...
  2. Develop one or more of these admirable traits as a 'fatal flaw'. ...
  3. The progression of this fatal flaw should be believable. ...
  4. Due to this fatal flaw, your character must suffer a reversal of fortune.

What is Fallen Hero Rebirth about? ›

As the title implies, Fallen Hero is about, well, a fallen superhero turned potential supervillain. You play as a former freelance superhero named Sidestep, who went through a traumatic experience leading them to turn against their former allies.

What does heroes mean in the Bible? ›

What does it mean? For Gary, a Bible hero is “a person who is willing to live for God though the heavens fall.” In other words, he is “willing to stand true for the Lord” even when things turn against him.

What is the definition of heroes in the Bible? ›

The Bible defines being a hero as helping those who in need. We need to offer our strengths to others to support their areas of weakness.

What is the respect for America's Fallen heroes Act? ›

387, enacted May 29, 2006) is an Act of Congress that prohibits protests within 300 feet (90 m) of the entrance of any cemetery under control of the National Cemetery Administration (a division of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs) from 60 minutes before to 60 minutes after a funeral.

Who is the fallen demon? ›

Lucifer, one of the Heralds as well as the first and greatest Elohim created by God, was the first to make a conclusive decision in favor of rebellion, and he became the leader of the rebel Elohim; the Fallen.

Who is the fallen third? ›

The Third of the Fallen is a demon of enough power to rival The First of the Fallen and joins him and The Second of the Fallen as a ruling triumverate of Hell. Its first appearance was in Hellblazer issue 45.

How many Tombs of the Fallen Hero are there? ›

There are six tombs in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Tomb locations are not marked on your map — they only show up once you've actually discovered them. To pinpoint a tomb's location, use your raven.

What are the strongest quotes? ›

50 Quotes to Help You Stay Strong
  • “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – ...
  • “Surprise yourself everyday with your own courage.” – ...
  • “Courage is only an accumulation of small steps.” – ...
  • “I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.” – ...
  • “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
Apr 8, 2020

What is the most inspiring quote? ›

Best motivational quotes to start your day
  • “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” — ...
  • “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” — ...
  • “Don't settle for average. ...
  • “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” — ...
  • “Don't bunt.
Sep 2, 2020

What is the main message of The Lost Hero? ›

Though in the end, they manage to stick together. The main theme, in my opinion, is that true friends will stick together through thick and thin. Friends always have each other's backs, even when it may be hard. Through their trials they have to work together, even when it seems everyone is against them.

What is the main problem in The Lost Hero? ›

The Lost Heroby Rick Riordan is about the journey of three young teenagers (Jason, Piper and Leo) to rescue Hera and Piper's father. The problem is, Jason Wakes up on a school bus not knowing anything about his past due to amnesia, and Piper and Leo are kind of new to the whole “demigod quest” thing.

What is The Lost Hero short summary? ›

The story follows Jason Grace, a Roman demigod with no memory of his past. He, along with Piper McLean, a daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo Valdez, a son of Hephaestus, are given a quest to rescue Hera, the queen of gods, from the clutches of Gaea, the primordial goddess of the earth.

How do you revive a fallen hero? ›

Food can also revive fallen characters. Any food items with the "wings" symbol will rez a fallen character.

What is strength of mind in fallen hero? ›

Strength of Mind is how strong and forceful you are when using your telepathy. The strength of your shields, how well you can resist dampeners and so on. Brute force if you like. Subtle manipulations is the other side of the telepathy stat, how good you are at not being noticed, sneak in and manipulate things.

Where are all the fallen hero armor? ›

The Fallen Heroes armor set is exclusively available as loot from the gear chests at the end of the Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin's Creed Valhalla update 1.4.

Which traditions primarily honor fallen soldiers? ›

Memorial Day, which is celebrated on the last Monday in May, honors service members who have died in military service to the nation. The holiday has roots dating back to the post-Civil War era, when citizens would informally place spring flower memorials on the graves of fallen soldiers.

What is a great way to honor a veteran? ›

How to honor veterans in your life
  1. Say “thank you!” ...
  2. Write an old-fashioned letter or send a care package. ...
  3. Treat a veteran to a meal. ...
  4. Offer to help with household chores. ...
  5. Make a commitment to volunteer. ...
  6. Donate to a cause that supports veterans. ...
  7. Invite a veteran to speak at your child's school. ...
  8. Support veteran-owned companies.

What do you say when a soldier dies? ›

Wartime U.S. military deaths

We can only support them and let them know that the sacrifices that they have made will never be forgotten by our grateful nation.” "When you want to offer condolences to someone, it's best to say, 'I'm sorry for your loss,'" Steen suggests.

Why do they shoot 3 times at a military funeral? ›

The firing of three volleys over the grave of a fallen warrior has its origin in the old custom of halting the fighting to remove the dead from the battlefield. Once the dead were removed, three-musket volleys were fired as a signal that the battle could resume.

Do all veterans get a gun salute at their funeral? ›

Honors typically consist of two or more uniformed service members folding and presenting a U.S. burial flag to the family, and playing of Taps. A gun salute by a rifle squad is reserved for veterans who retired from military service, service members killed on active duty, and Medal of Honor recipients.

Can a veteran in civilian clothes salute the flag? ›

During the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag or when the flag is passing in a parade or in review, all persons present in uniform should render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute.

What is the symbol for fallen soldiers? ›

The red poppy became synonymous with the fallen troops during the First World War -- and has remained a symbol of their sacrifice ever since.

Why are veterans so special? ›

They fought for our freedom that we are lucky enough to have today. They gave up their time, their families and some even gave up their lives so that way their future generations could grow up in the land of the free.

What is the oldest military honor? ›

With its forerunner, the Badge of Military Merit, which took the form of a heart made of purple cloth, the Purple Heart is the oldest military award still given to U.S. military members. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is located in New Windsor, New York.

Is it OK to thank a Veteran for their service? ›

Raughter, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said it's best to thank a veteran for their service and resume listening because if a veteran feels comfortable, they may open up more. "It is not a time for one to share their political opinions, or ask about how many kills or battles they have been in," he said.

Who is the most honored Veteran? ›

Lieutenant Audie Murphy posed for this portrait after receiving the Medal of Honor for heroism on the battlefield in France. Murphy remains the most highly decorated soldier in U.S. history.

What is the best thing to say to a Veteran? ›

Thank you for your service and all that you do for our country. Thank you for keeping our country safe and strong. You are very much honored and very much appreciated for all that you have done. Thank you for your courage and for putting your country first.

What is the last call at a military funeral? ›

"Taps" is a bugle call sounded to signal "lights out" at the end of a military day, and during patriotic memorial ceremonies and military funerals conducted by the United States Armed Forces.

What is a soldier called who dies? ›

The word 'martyr' is said to have its roots in the Greek word 'martur'. Various dictionaries define 'martyr' as a person who voluntarily suffers death as penalty of refusing to renounce religion.

What is the final salute to a soldier? ›

A Final Salute ceremony (also called Honors Escort or Honor Walk) takes place when a veteran who dies in the hospital or nursing home is transported on the gurney from the location of their passing to the funeral home vehicle or the morgue.


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